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Loox vs. - Comparing Two of the Best Shopify Product Review Apps

Brody Hall
By Brody Hall
Reviewed by Shir Lapidot

Published July 22, 2021.

Our team tests Shopify apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased nor influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

Loox Product Reviews Referrals

Vs. Product Reviews & UGC

When it comes to socially proofing your online store, perhaps there are no better options than either Loox or Both apps easily integrate with a wide range of e-commerce CMS platforms and third-party apps, allow customers to quickly and easily leave text, photo, or video reviews, and are generally easy to use.

So which app is best for your online store’s requirements?

Let’s take a look.

Loox Product Reviews Referrals vs Product Reviews & UGC

Feature Comparison

Compare the features of the leading Shopify Product Review apps Loox vs.

Product 0

Loox Product Reviews Referrals

Product 1 Product Reviews & UGC

Create social proof-worthy user-generated content

Collect and showcase product video, photo, and text reviews for other customer and site visitors to refer to.

Integrate on-site Q&A sections

Add helpful on-site outreach or user-generated Q&A sections.

Reviewer discounts

Incentivize customers with coupons and unique reviewer discounts.

Integration of AliExpress reviews

Quickly and easily integrate endless amounts of reviews onto your store through AliExpress.

Reply and monitor reviews

Respond and monitor product reviews at your discretion, and display only which reviews you’d like to be seen by other customers.

Review pop-ups

Automate review pop-ups while customers are browsing product pages.

Smart Social Banners

Create, design, and optimize on-brand social banners and on-site content from pre-designed templates.

A/B testing

Analyze and optimize a variety of email review requests to discern which performs best.

Customer referral program

Reward your most loyal customers with lucrative gifts and exclusive VIP benefits.

Ease of Use

Both Loox and are generally easy to use.

Loox’s features are usually quite intuitive and straightforward, its interface is simple and well laid out, and the app’s dashboard is easy to navigate.

On the other hand, promises nothing overly complicated about its dashboard, the interface is cleverly laid out, and the app’s features don’t take too much getting used to.

Pricing Comparison


Loox Product Reviews Referrals Product Reviews & UGC

Free plan

Basic Plan



Advanced Plan


Premium Plan


Pro Plan


Business Plan


Unlimited Plan

Starts at $99.99/mo

Professional Plan

Between $249-$999/mo


Both Loox and are similar in many different ways, although, there are a few key differences that may suit some users over others. Perhaps one of the main advantages of Loox, particularly for new and up-and-coming online stores, is the app’s ability to import AliExpress reviews. This function is super helpful when site traffic is still climbing or a new product has just been launched. It takes the guesswork out for customers that may otherwise be hesitant to put their faith in a product that is yet to be socially proofed.

On the other side of the coin,'s comprehensive customer rewards program is a great way to incentivize customers to leave reviews and rate your on-site products. Without this function, your business is basically at the mercy of a customer’s willingness to recommend a product, which oftentimes isn’t very forthcoming.

When deciding between Loox vs., both are great options for boosting customer trust, social proof, and nullifying purchase hesitancy. Your final decision is going to come down to one or two features that either app possesses or perhaps the monthly cost of using their services.