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Syncee Review - Pricing, Features, Integrations, and More!

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
Davor Štefanović - Editor for KeepShoppers
Edited by Davor Štefanović

Published March 28, 2023.

Our team tests eCommerce apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased and not influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

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The growing popularity of the dropshipping business model for Shopify sellers has been met with a growing supply of services designed to simplify the process. Syncee is one such service that links e-commerce sellers with various global and local suppliers through the Syncee marketplace.

Read on to learn more about how this app can help your Shopify business.


What is Syncee?

Syncee is a cloud-based software platform that provides businesses with a range of tools to help them manage their product data and automate their product updates and order management. The platform offers a variety of features such as product catalog management, data import/export, automatic inventory and price synchronization, order management, and more.

With Syncee, businesses can easily integrate their product catalogs with different sales channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and others, and synchronize their product data across different marketplaces and sales channels.

Syncee ‑ Global Dropshipping

4.7/5(625 reviews)


All of Syncee's pricing plans offer the essential services of a dropshipping platform, while the more expensive plans offer more product listings for your store, ensuring that you only have to pay for premium listings when your business scales appropriately.

Syncee pricing

All plans—even the free option—offer the following features:

  • No transaction fees
  • Automated orders
  • Bulk product management
  • Dynamic pricing settings
  • Daily updates
  • No transaction fee
  • Free support

Aside from this, here's what you can expect from the different plans:

  • Free Plan 25 products
  • Basic Plan ($29/month) 500 products
  • Pro Plan ($79/month) 10,000 products
  • Business Plan ($129/month) 30,000 products


  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • eBay


Syncee features

Millions of Products

Syncee's easy-to-use marketplace lists over four million products from numerous vetted suppliers and wholesale companies. New and established stores can fill their site with listings in a few clicks.

All products are guaranteed to have the best wholesale prices with award-winning quality that you can check for yourself as Syncee's transparency allows you to see all the important details of all the suppliers you use.

Automated Order and Shipping Processes

After the products are listed on your Shopify store, Syncee will auto-update your listings and handle everything from customer orders to fast and reliable global shipping. Payments are handed directly to the suppliers through PayPal, credit card, or Stripe.

Upload Private Suppliers

If your suppliers aren't listed on Syncee's marketplace, then you have the ability to add any supplier's products into your store by uploading their datafeed file in one of numerous file formats.

Custom Dynamic Pricing

Syncee's app allows you to customize your pricing to match your store's identity and customer base.

Our Verdict: Should You Use Syncee?

Whether you are an experienced e-commerce merchant or a new Shopify seller, the necessity of an expert B2B dropshipping service cannot be overstated. Instead of wasting time browsing through the multitude of available services on the Shopify app store, rather choose a service like Syncee that can handle all the difficulties associated with the dropshipping business model at scalable prices to match your business.

If there's any doubt left in your mind, then let other Shopify sellers ease your worry. Syncee has received hundreds of reviews on the Shopify app store and has come out with an overall rating of 4.7 stars. Visit their website to learn more or head straight to their Shopify app store page to begin.

Syncee ‑ Global Dropshipping

4.7/5(625 reviews)

Syncee Review - Pricing, Features, Integrations, and More!

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Whether your online business offers customers products or services, it needs to stay competitive in today's online environments. One of the best ways to do this is with customer reviews. To help your business achieve this, has positioned itself in the market as a tool that will allow your online store to gather authentic customer feedback. does this by allowing the easy collection of online reviews, monitoring of your brand, and giving your customers the valuable opportunity of being heard. With all that said, is this marketing tool a good fit for you? Let’s take a look at how works and what value it can add to your online businesses. ProsAvoid negative publicity: Get genuine feedback from people who have actually used your services and products to avoid negative publicity and online complaints.Stay ahead of the curve: Combine customer feedback with other customer data to increase your ROI and maximize your marketing spend for greater business growth.Engage with your customers and grow your businessConsHigh cost for businesses that require full-featured plans: The monthly price tag may outprice some small businesses or startups. Best for is perfect for those businesses that are looking to quickly build their online reputation, boost customer loyalty, and social proof their products and services. Pricing 14-day trial for all plansEssential Plan: $45/monthSmall Business Plan: $89/monthGrowing Business Plan: $159/month's Possible Integrations One of the biggest advantages of is that it has an exhaustive list of integrations. The most popular of these integrations includes, but certainly isn't limited to,: Shopify and Shopify PlusBigCommerceFacebook for BusinessInstagramEKMGorgiasKlaviyoSlackSalesforcePlus a whole heap of customizable APIs Features of not only collects and analyzes customer feedback but also provides users with a ton of other great features as well. For instance, also uses artificial intelligence to analyze customer data and provide actionable insights to business owners. This functionality grants a number of benefits. For businesses, the platform improves customer service, marketing, and product development. For consumers, the platform helps them gain more knowledge about the products they purchase and the businesses they frequent. In order to gather and display customer feedback quickly, also allows users to easily import reviews from other platforms. This includes reviews from places like Google, Facebook, Yelp,, Houzz, and Check-a-Trade. Usability of When it comes to’s usability, it’s kind of a mixed bag. For customers themselves, is comparable to other third-party apps such as Loox or - making obtaining customer feedback a super simple process. For business owners like yourself, can be a little less straightforward, particularly for those that are new to e-commerce apps for platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce. For example, although the application’s setup is generally considered a fairly easy process, some of the more advanced features can be a little trickier to get your head around.'s Customer Support’s customer support is held in high esteem by most users. It is generally very responsive and helpful and can be reached through a variety of different ways, including 24/7 live chat, over the phone, or through the company’s online support center. The Bottom Line Customer satisfaction is important for any business, and this is only more paramount in the e-commerce space. Online shoppers rely on previous customers’ experiences and feedback to help them determine whether or not a company’s products and services are of high quality and are trustworthy. For these reasons, a marketing tool like is invaluable to your online business. With you can easily encourage customer feedback and read what your customers have to say about their experience with your business. This will not only socially proof your business but also help to gain that much-needed competitive edge over your online competitors.

Starstream Review—Automatic Event Ticketing for Shopify Sellers

Managing tickets to online events can be incredibly exhausting and confusing, especially as your Shopify store grows. Selling tickets to online webinars and livestreams always runs the risks of cross-sharing, users struggling to access the event, and more. Instead of struggling with managing your event tickets yourself, consider letting an automated service like Starstream by Livestream Labs handle it for you. Read on to learn more. Why You Should Use Starstream Aside from automatically handling the distribution of tickets to your online and physical events, Starstream can also offer you the following features: Reduced Cross-Sharing Chances Starstream will generate a secret link for your customers 24 hours before the event begins and control their access, which is a proven strategy for reducing the amount of unpaying customers attending your events. Compatibility With All Major Livestreaming Platforms You'll never have to worry about a platform not working for your event. Starstream is compatible with streaming services like YouTube and Facebook (among others) as well as webinar services like Zoom. Customized Ticket Capabilities The app will let you customize the look of your online and physical tickets to match your brand identity. QR Codes for Physical Events Even if you hold physical events, Starstream can automate the process with unique QR codes for each customer that you can validate and authorize with Starstream's built-in QR code scanner. Calendar Updates Not only can customers add your online and physical events to their event calendars on Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more, but they will also receive updates about your event to ensure that they don't miss it. Event Replays Paying customers will have the option to receive replays of the events that they attended so that no information is lost along the way. Pricing Starstream is free to install and integrate into your Shopify store and comes with no additional monthly costs. Instead, Starstream will charge you a usage fee of $0.99 per ticket under $20, and $1.99 per ticket over $20. This ensures that you won't have to pay unnecessary fees if customers don't purchase enough tickets. Our Verdict: Should You Use Starstream? If your business ever holds events—both online and in-person—then an automatic ticketing service like Starstream by Livestream Labs is a necessity. Even if you only hold a single event per month—or fewer—Starstream won't charge you unless there are tickets being sold, and so there's really no harm in having it installed and ready to automate the ticket process so that you never have to worry. If you'd like to learn more, head to their Shopify store page to begin.

ReferralCandy Review (2024): Pricing, Support, Features, & More!

Customer referrals are one of the most powerful forms of marketing in e-commerce. A successful customer referral program can increase your brand awareness, convert new customers, and increase customer loyalty and retention. However, implementing a customer referral program is not always easy. Not only must you find ways to recruit customers, but you need to continually track their progress, monitor for fraudulent referrals, reward successful referrals, and measure your campaign's effectiveness. This is where ReferralCandy comes in. It's a tool that helps you create, run, and optimize referral programs for your online store. We take an inside look at the app's features, pricing, integrations, support, and more to help you decide if ReferralCandy is worth investing in. » If sales is a top priority, check out our picks of the best sales-boosting apps Best For Choosing the right apps for your store can be challenging, so we're here to help. ReferralCandy is a valuable tool for e-commerce stores selling single-use or subscription products in any industry. However, it's not a magic bullet that will instantly raise your bottom line. It's better suited to stores with an established product-market fit, generating more than 100 orders a month. The app also proves most beneficial to businesses with loyal customers who champion their brand, creating opportunities for further community building. ProsCustomizable referral pages, emails, & rewards24/7 live chat supportIntegrations with popular e-commerce toolsExtensive automationsConsNo free planPricing includes monthly & referral fees Overview of Features Customer Enrollment Enrolling customers into your referral program is made easy with a variety of channels available, such as post-purchase pop-ups, emails, dedicated landing pages, an embedded signup form, or using your existing newsletters. You can also send automated referral requests to customers after they complete a checkout. A great bonus is that all your emails and pages are optimized for mobile devices, so customers can easily share your products or services with their friends. Customizable Templates ReferralCandy is an excellent app with built-in templates. You can use these ready-made templates as is or customize them to suit your needs. You can change the logo, images, fonts, colors, and other elements to match your store's branding. If you want more control over your templates, you can edit the CSS and HTML code to fine-tune every detail. Automated Rewards With ReferralCandy, creating and managing a reward system for customers who refer your products to friends is quick and simple. You can offer cash rewards, coupons (cash or percentage discounts), or custom gifts. The issuing of rewards is fully automated, so you don't have to worry about tracking referrals or sending rewards manually. You can also set up different reward tiers to incentivize more referrals. Fraud Detection With the fraud center at your fingertips, you can automatically protect your referral program from fraud. It detects and bans suspicious transactions, such as self-referrals, high volumes of referrals in a short time, or leaked referral codes on coupon sites. You can also create custom rules to block or flag specific behaviors or users. Analytics You can measure the performance of your referral program with ReferralCandy, as it functions as a comprehensive analytics app. You'll be able to see how much sales and traffic you generate from referrals, how many customers participate in your program, and what kind of rewards they prefer. Plus, you can compare your results with industry benchmarks and get data reports to optimize your strategy. » Accurately measure your income with ReferralCandy & one of these great sales-tracking apps Plans & Pricing If you're wondering what to spend on apps to grow your business, you'll be happy to know that ReferralCandy offers three paid plans, each with a 30-day free trial and a 20% discount on annual subscriptions. Here's a quick overview of the features and prices of each plan: Premium The Premium plan is ideal for smaller businesses and startups. With a monthly fee of $59, or just $47 when billed yearly, you get unlimited customers and referrals, a comprehensive analytics dashboard, and data reports, among other features. However, you'll also need to pay a 3.5% commission fee on the referral sales you generate. Plus Accelerating your team's growth through referral marketing is made easy with the Plus plan—a package designed precisely for this purpose. For $299 per month, you get everything in the Premium plan, plus prioritized support, a dedicated account manager, and a quarterly campaign review with recommendations. You also pay a lower commission fee of 1.5%. Enterprise The Enterprise plan is the plan of choice for bigger e-commerce stores, as it offers advanced features for larger and more complex referral programs. You get everything in the Plus plan, plus unlimited campaigns, custom integrations and analytics, and a one-on-one expert review of your campaigns. What's more, there are no commission fees on referral sales made! Pricing will depend on your specific needs, so you'll need to contact ReferralCandy for a cost estimate. Integrations The app integrates seamlessly with various platforms and tools to expand your e-commerce business. ReferralCandy's integrations can be divided into the following categories: Platform Integrations The app integrates with several leading e-commerce platforms, including: ShopifyShopify PlusMagentoWooCommerceBigCommerce You can easily set up and manage your referral program from within your platform's dashboard without having to switch between different apps. Subscription Integrations These integrations will enable you to create a referral program for your subscription-based products or services. Some of the subscription integrations supported are: Recharge SubscriptionsBold SubscriptionsAppstle Subscriptions Marketing Analytics Integrations To help you make data-driven decisions, ReferralCandy integrates with the following: Facebook PixelAdRollGoogle Ads Email Marketing Integrations Integrations with top email marketing apps are essential to send personalized and automated emails to your subscribers. This way, you can create tailored messaging that speaks directly to the individualized interests and desires of each customer demographic. Some of the apps supported are: KlaviyoMailChimp Usability ReferralCandy is an out-of-the-box solution that doesn't require the help of a developer. You can set up your referral program and make your first sales within 30 minutes. The video below shows just how easy it is to get started with ReferralCandy on Shopify. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for merchants to use. The app also automates a lot of tasks for you, such as sending emails and pop-ups, issuing rewards, detecting fraud, and providing analytics. You can monitor and control your program from your dashboard, where you can see all the important information and data. Overall, ReferralCandy is designed with the user in mind, and even people brand new to referral marketing won't have a problem navigating the app. Support ReferralCandy offers a variety of support options to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. There is 24/7 live chat support, and for Plus and Enterprise plans, there is a dedicated account manager. They host regular live Q&A sessions and webinars to help you learn more about what the app has to offer and how best to use it. Video tutorials and a dedicated YouTube channel cover everything from getting started to using the app's advanced features. In addition, ReferralCandy has a support center with over 100 articles on a wide range of topics like account management and configuring settings. They also offer several handbooks, e-books, blog posts, and case studies, so there is no shortage of referral marketing advice and inspiration. Customer Referrals: Sweeten the Deal With ReferralCandy Referral marketing is a cost-effective and impactful marketing approach that can benefit any e-commerce store. Customer referrals build brand awareness and increase customer acquisition while also boosting conversions, improving customer loyalty, and increasing customer lifetime value. But running successful customer referral campaigns can be complicated, tedious, and time-consuming. ReferralCandy is an essential Shopify tool that can help you create, manage, and optimize your referral program with ease. It offers a range of features and integrations that make it stand out from other apps, like easy setup and customization, automated rewards and fraud detection, comprehensive analytics and insights, flexible pricing, and outstanding customer support and service. So if you're ready to offer customers a deal they can't refuse, try out ReferralCandy. » Diversify & amplify your marketing strategy with some of the best marketing apps for Shopify