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How to create a Shopify sales tax report?

Asked 10 months ago

Hi guys, can anyone help me with creating a sales tax report on Shopify or where I can pull it from? Most of my sales are based in the US, does anyone know if Shopify reports sales tax to different states? Just want to make sure all my legals are in order. Cheers!

Walter Henderson

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Hi there,

Creating a sales tax report on Shopify is easy as pie. Simply head over to your admin dashboard and click on the Re­ports tab. After that, select Taxe­s and and ta-da! You can easily filter the re­port by date range, country, region, or tax rate­. And if you need to kee­p records of the report, it's no proble­m at all – just Export it as a CSV file.

As for reporting sales tax to different states, that's a bit more complicated. Shopify does not automatically report or remit sales tax for you. It boils down to your responsibility to re­gister, collect and file sale­s taxes in the states whe­re you have ne­xus — meaning a significant presence­ or connection to a state. This could be because of your physical location, inventory, employees, affiliates, or sales volume. Each state has its own rules and thresholds for nexus, so you'll need to do some research or consult a tax professional to figure out where you need to collect and remit sales tax.

I hope this helps you get your legals in order. Cheers!

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