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It takes too long for my customers to receive their orders.

Asked 3 years ago

I am having problems with the length of time it takes for my customers to receive their orders. It took 38 days for one customer, and I received an email this morning from a possible repeat customer who said they wanted to order something but feared it would take too long to receive before their trip. I'm using an e-packet and I know it's coming from China, but this will ruin my business before it takes off.

Conrad Rogers

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Choose Supplier who has epacket options and if ur product is selling really well then order 100 products or so and ship to warehouse and do fulfillments there are lots ads of third party fulfilment service providers Another options talk to the supplier directly and ask him to fulfilll order next day

Trisita Aich

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Yes, epacket can pose a problem to growing businesses because they are usually time-consuming. The best idea would be to look into other shipping options that have the reputation to deliver on time or comparatively faster. The best options to consider instead of an e-packet would be China Post Air Parcel, DHL, DHL Global Mail, or the good old FedEx.

For courier and bundle sale goods, the total shipping cost can actually decrease and therefore make the whole shipping process more cost-effective. Though using services like FedEx and DHL are more reliable, these may be on the more expensive side and affect the profit margin of a small-scale business. However, it will ensure that the packages reach your customers on time. This obviously creates a better impression of your business.

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