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Shopify marketingCore Elements of Successful Email Marketing CampaignsThe world is changing every day. Technology is keeping business owners on their toes. The sentiment is to keep up or be left behind. One way to do this is to get on top of your game with email marketing campaigns. Once you have collected emails for email marketing, the benefits of these campaigns are endless. So, let's get right down to the nitty-gritty and look at six of the most important guidelines for email marketing success: Tip 1: Have a Clear Objective How does it benefit your campaign? Each email must have a clear purpose and a clear call to action. Even if you're using templates, you must edit the templates for your purpose. There's no point in sending out emails that haven't been planned and executed within a full marketing strategy, and as part of an ongoing campaign. How do you know it is working? Customer response is measurable. If your customer response is high then the emails carried their message over clearly. If you don't get any response, you know it's time to go back to the drawing board. Tip 2: Make Sure You Offer Value How does it benefit your campaign? Emails that offer your customers value will be noticed and read. It's pointless sending out some well-written copy with beautiful visuals if there's nothing in it for your customer. Always ask yourself: why should my customer bother reading this email? What is in it for them? How do you know it is working? Again, you'll see it in the way your clients interact with your email. Are they clicking on the links you provide to get more information? Are they taking you up on the special deals you are offering them? Analytics will help you with this as well. Tip 3: Always Include an Opt-in How does it benefit your campaign? It shows that your company is doing everything above board. It's illegal to send emails out to bought contact lists. Not only that, you will be sending emails to people who might not have engaged with you before. You're likely to frustrate them more than anything else. Opt-ins make sure you're only sending your emails to people who want to receive them. How do you know it is working? By reaching a captive audience, you're ensuring your contact lists are high quality and have a high response rate. If you don't have opt-ins you could send emails to 5,000 contacts and get no response. Tip 4: Segment Your Lists How does it benefit your campaign? Segmentation is a very useful strategy. It takes your customer details and segments them into groups so that you can personalize your marketing campaigns even more. The more you personalize your emails, the better the response. How do you know it is working? Your response rates will increase. It's that simple! Tip 5: Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile-Friendly How does it benefit your campaign? In this crazy world, we're always on the run. People often work from their mobile phones while traveling. This is the perfect opportunity for them to read your emails, so ensure your emails can be opened properly on a smart phone. How do you know it is working? Analytics will be able to tell you which platform your customers are using to interact with your marketing emails. Tip 6: Make Sure You Have No Errors in Your Content How does it benefit your campaign? Errors in your content will make your emails look slap-dash and unprofessional, especially if you send emails to all your customers at once. So it goes without saying that error-free content will preserve your brand consistency. Many companies make use of professional copywriters and designers to produce their emails. If you have the budget for this, it's a great way of putting your best foot forward for your customer. If you're compiling these emails yourself, get colleagues to check them, and double-check them again to ensure there are no errors. How do you know it is working? It's difficult to pinpoint how you can tell if your error-free content is benefiting your campaign. The bottom line is that if your business is growing and conversions are rolling in, then your email content is spot on! Just make sure you develop and produce your emails within a well-thought-out marketing strategy for optimum results!