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What are your experiences with taking a loan offer from Shopify Capital?

Asked 3 years ago

Has anyone been offered a loan from Shopify Capital? Has anyone taken the offer? Would love feedback!

David Hay

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Loan offers from Shopify Capital come with a 30 day grace period, which means that is the amount of time you have to decide whether to take the loan or not. But remember, if you are not making money, Shopify will not lend you money. The loan is based on your sales, not your credit.

Jonathan Lyman

Jonathan Lyman

Monday, September 05, 2022

Shopify Capital is a concept first introduced in 2016. Like PayPal Capital or Square Capital, Shopify Capital gives business leaders access to a certain amount of credit based on what the site already knows about that company's revenue and potential revenue. Because you've already given your store builder plenty of information about your company when you sign up, the application process for Shopify Capital is quick and easy. Still, I prefer to earn that money instead of taking out a loan. Especially nowadays, you can even make money from online casinos Have you heard about it? 

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