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Dyllan Hopewell


Content Writing, Content Editing, Food, Technology, Motoring, Business


City & Guilds - Professional Chef and Pâtissier


Dyllan is a qualified chef and pâtissier with a passion for the culinary arts that extends beyond the kitchen. Outside the culinary world, his interests are as diverse as his culinary creations. He has a profound fascination with motoring and vehicle journaling, constantly exploring the latest automotive trends. He is also an avid tech enthusiast and business zealot, always following the latest gadgets to emerging business solutions. This interest not only keeps him informed of the latest industry trends but also sparks his competitive and knowledgeable spirit. His passion and interests make him a dynamic individual with a wide-ranging skill set and a unique perspective on life. He is driven by a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to excellence in everything he pursues.

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