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6 Best Shopify Apps to Resize & Optimize Your Product Images
Shopify apps6 Best Shopify Apps to Resize & Optimize Your Product ImagesAs an e-commerce store owner, you probably take on a myriad of different roles. But can you successfully wear the hat of "photographer" and "designer" to optimize your product images for desktop and mobile? High-quality product images are critical because first impressions, as you know, are lasting. Your customers don't get the luxury of touching and holding your products, so low-quality images will be a significant deterrent you simply can't afford. The good news is there are many innovative tools that offer a multitude of features to help you optimize your images. Below we've rounded up some of the best options so you can get started immediately. 1. All-in-One Image Master ProsFree to install (with 20 free credits)Credit packages available based on usageExcellent customer serviceUnified pre-set rulesAutomatically generate ALT textConsNo Shopify rating yet This app by Egnition will save you time and effort through automation. Simply set rules for your images and get a unified look and feel for all your images. The app is versatile and allows you to remove backgrounds, resize canvases, center products, resize and crop images without compromising ratio, set preferred quality, choose between JPG and PNG formats, and generate ALT text. » Read our All-In-One Image Master review for more details All-In-One Image Master 2. Photo Resize ProsFree to install (with 50 free images)Effortlessly resize bulk imagesAutomated processes to analyze, improve, and replace images30-day backup of filesConsPackages can become expensiveUse up free image quota quicklyLearning curve The Photo Resize app by Pixc aims to resize and replace your product images automatically, giving your business and products a more consistent and professional look and feel. Choose from 3 aspect ratios (square, portrait, and landscape) and let the app run in the background, saving you time. Are the changes not working for you? Simply restore the images to their original version thanks to files being backed up for 30 days. Just be mindful of the free quota of images you can resize with your package and the additional costs once you go over this. Pixc: Photo Resize 3. Bulk Image Edit & SEO ProsFree to install (start with 50 free images)Easy to useVersatile SEO, resizing, and backup functionsPerform bulk actionsConsFree plan has limited featuresCustomer service may be slow With or without any technical skills, the Bulk Image Edit & SEO app by Hexcom is easy to use. Save yourself time and resize, crop, rotate, frame, trim, or add watermarks to your images in bulk. The app can also help you improve the SEO of your product images by optimizing image sizes, ALT text, and file names. Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO 4. SEO Image Optimizer ProsFree plan availableEasy to useBoost SEO by optimizing imagesConsOnly for product imagesFree plan has limited features The SEO Image Optimizer app by Crucial Commerce Apps is geared toward optimizing your images for SEO in 3 ways: resize your images in bulk (for uniformity), compress your images (reduce image size without losing quality), and optimize ALT text (use a template to update ALT text automatically). Consider what you want from the app, because it may be limited if you want more image editing functions. SpurIT SEO Image Optimizer 5. PixPix Image Editor ProsFree plan available7-day free trialEasy to useExtensive image editing functionsChrome and Shopify integrationConsNo specific SEO optimization featuresFree plan has some limited features The PixPix Image Editor app by PixPix gives you a wide range of editing options, including resizing and cropping images. The simple and intuitive interface helps you to browse product lists or search for a product simply using a keyword. The Chrome and Shopify integration features allow you to open a product in the app from the Shopify admin section, simplifying usability. PixPix Image Editor 6. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed ProsFree plan available14-day free trialAll features focused on boosting SEOConsFree plan has some limited featuresLearning curveCustomer service may be slow The SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed app by Avada is completely focused on helping you optimize your store's SEO. Increase your site and page loading speeds while compressing, renaming, resizing, and adding ALT text to your images to boost SEO. Additionally, the app can help you optimize your Google Search Console and SEO manager performance via several tools. You may require some SEO knowledge to use the app effectively. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed Start Optimizing If you want a professional brand presence, you'll need the right tools to generate optimal results. Consider investing in a comprehensive solution that can scale with you. Take a good look at the options and do some more of your own research too—you will find the right app that's a good fit for your business and meets your requirements.
5 Best Shopify Apps to Automate Product Photo Editing
Shopify apps5 Best Shopify Apps to Automate Product Photo EditingThe product photos on your Shopify store can make or break your chances of a sale. In the e-commerce landscape, consumers don’t have an opportunity to see your items in person and evaluate their quality with hands-on exploration. They rely on you to provide valuable photos to help them visualize exactly what they’re buying. So, product photos don't just make your items look more appealing, but they can also make your site seem more trustworthy and credible. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune on photo editing services and tools to enhance your images. There are great Shopify apps available that can automate your photo editing process, saving you valuable time. Here are 5 of our tried and tested favorites. 1. All-in-One Image Master ProsFree to install (first 20 credits free)No monthly fees (pay as you go)Versatile functionsAutomate processes with pre-set rulesExcellent customer supportConsNo Shopify reviews yet This convenient app by Egnition is a straightforward and powerful tool to enhance your Shopify product images instantly. Users can rapidly remove the background from photos, resize their canvas, maintain aspect ratios, add new elements, and generate ALT text. Automate your processes and get uniform photos with pre-set rules, including image quality and format (PNG or JPG). All-in-One Image Master 2. Swap Photo Editor Pros3-day free trialAccess to 3 photo editorsBulk-edit imagesVersatile functionsConsOnly one price package Swap Photo Editor is one of the most highly-rated photo editing apps on the Shopify marketplace. Get access to 3 photo editors (Adobe, Swap Editor, and Photopea) to remove backgrounds, add or remove different logos, text options, stickers, and more. You can also resize and crop photos, compress images, rename your visuals, and instantly find and replace low-resolution photos in bulk. Swap Photo Editor 3. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed Pros14-day free trialFree plan availableAdvanced SEO optimization functionsConsFree plan has limited featuresLimited photo editing functionsLearning curve The AVADA SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed app is designed specifically to help improve your Shopify store's SEO performance by enhancing your images. Easily compress and rename images to improve your site and page speed, while optimizing Alt text and meta tags. Advanced SEO settings provide multiple tools to help optimize your Google Search Console and SEO Manager. Therefore, some SEO knowledge may be required to use the app's features as optimally as possible. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed 4. Image Editing On-Demand ProsFree to installPay-as-you-go methodBulk-edit imagesImage storage and backupConsMay include additional chargesNo free plan or trial The Image Editing On-Demand app from Pixc aims to help you increase online sales with professional-looking product photos. Rapidly remove and replace background images, placing your products in any custom environment. Easily set uniform image dimensions and borders to bulk edit photos and provide consistency across your store. Cloud-based image storage and backup options make it easier to access images and revert them back to their original version. Image Editing On-Demand 5. PixPix Image Editor Pros7-day free trialFree plan availableEasy to useVersatile photo editing functionsChrome and Shopify Admin integrationConsSEO functions not available yet Simple and effective, the PixPix Image Editor uses 2 image editors to allow users to easily resize, modify, and crop product images, while saving time by uploading, deleting, and compressing images in bulk. Quickly browse for products by keyword or open a product in PixPix directly from your Shopify Admin section. PixPix Image Editor Edit Your Shopify Photos with Ease The process of editing photos individually for your Shopify store can often be time-consuming, expensive, and just frustrating. Fortunately, with the right apps, you can leverage a convenient and streamlined tool within your Shopify environment that handles every step on your behalf. Make your Shopify product images stand out with the tools above!
All-In-One-Image Master Review — Pricing, Features & More
Shopify appsAll-In-One-Image Master Review — Pricing, Features & MoreWe all know how tedious it can be to prepare good-quality product images for your Shopify store. Using a variety of applications for different functions is not ideal and can be downright frustrating. If these frustrations resonate with you, here is some good news. With the All-In-One-Image Master app from Egnition, you can do all your editing, including compressing and optimizing images, automatically generating alt text, and setting styles for all your products—with no switching between apps. ProsFlexible style settings for all imagesRetain image quality with small image sizesBulk processing of imagesAutomatically generate alt textReview, customize, and send automatically generated emailsConsPackages can be costly depending on your budget Pricing The All-In-One-Image Master has a fixed pricing structure that's easy to understand and cost-effective to use. FreeCredits: 20Images: 20Expire: NoFeatures: All$10Credits: 20Images: 20Expire: NoFeatures: All$40Credits: 100Images: 100Expire: NoFeatures: All$60Credits: 200Images: 200Expires: NoFeatures: All Each package provides a number of credits and images that can be edited. The credits don't expire, and all of the features are included in all the packages—even the free package if you just want to start with a trial. All-In-One Image Master Customer Support Support is always an important aspect of technology for those moments when you just need a gentle nudge in the right direction. Customer support is available 24/7/365! All you need to do is reach out by using the dedicated support icon in the app or email your questions to [email protected] for fast and friendly assistance. The customer support team works tirelessly to deliver more value to your business, with a roadmap that's largely based on the questions asked by customers. It's fast, on point, and effective. Who Is All-In-One-Image Master Best For? It's simple: if you're selling a range of products on Shopify that need to be showcased using good-quality images, this app is perfect for you. It doesn't matter what your products are, from shoes to cars, to clothes and jewelry—you'll start editing images like a pro! Features The All-In-One-Image Master app will help you edit your Shopify product images more efficiently with its variety of features, including automation—thereby saving you time and effort. Image Compression & Optimization Images that are too big can take time to load and disrupt your users' experience of your store. This feature will help you to compress and, at the same time, optimize image sizes so that your catalogs and collections look professional without download delays. Automatic Alt Text Generation This feature will help Google to understand what your image and your website are about. Why is this important? Because it increases the chances of users finding your store during a search, thereby boosting your SEO. Batch Editing Capabilities Imagine how much time you'll save if you could edit all your images in one go and in a consistent manner. This is what batch editing can do for you! This is particularly handy if you have a lot of images to process and you want them to have a similar look and feel. Ease of Use Just as it says in its name: this is an all-in-one app. You can do all the editing you want within one app, taking all the frustration and laborious effort out of editing, A logical layout and flow coupled with simple and straightforward functions make this app easy to use, and can even be fun for some. You don't need to be a professional designer to churn out beautiful images, and you definitely don't need to be an IT guru to understand how the app works! Bottom Line: Is All-In-One-Image Master Worth Investing In? It's a full-bodied, undeniable yes! The All-In-One-Image Master is convenient, cost-effective, easy to use, and allows your creativity to reach new levels of perfection. All-In-One Image Master
Order to Discount by — A Comprehensive Review
Shopify appsOrder to Discount by — A Comprehensive ReviewAs an e-commerce store owner, you probably already know that good customer service drives sales and builds your brand. The Order to Discount app by Egnition can help you deliver exceptional customer service by streamlining and automating your customer service process, which will save you time and money. How does the app achieve this? It generates auto-calculated loyalty discounts from any order. You can then re-use the same formula, saving you time and bolstering your customer support. ProsEasy-to-use discount and email templatesReview, customize, and send automatically generated emailsSend unlimited discount emailsReasonable fixed pricing structureConsAutomatically generated emails may seem generic if not customized Pricing The pricing structure is simple with only one package: BasicCost: $1.99/monthDiscounts: UnlimitedFeatures: All A free 7-day trial is also available if you want to try it before committing. Order to Discount Customer Support The Order to Discount app offers superb customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a full 365 days a year. You can reach out to the support team either via the dedicated support icon in the app or you can send an email to [email protected] with any questions you may have. The support team is efficient and dedicated, relying on your feedback and questions to improve the product and their customer service. This in turn can help add value to your business, because you're using the best version of the product. Who is Order to Discount Best For? This handy app is best suited to any e-commerce business on Shopify that would like to lock in customer loyalty and support by rewarding active customers with discounts. Example 1: Joyful Jewelry sells designer earrings, necklaces, and rings. Order to Discount would help this business promote the repeat buying of gifts.Example 2: Billy's Bedding sells duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases. Order to Discount would build a loyal customer base of users who take advantage of discounts every time they need to replace old bedding at home, a hotel, or guest house. Features The Order to Discount app aims to help increase customer engagement with your brand through discounts. It removes the frustration of manually determining and applying discount values through a formula and automation. Specific features include: Discount Templates With the discount template feature, you can create a template for your follow-up emails and typical discounts by generating discounts based on a customer's order information. This is useful because the templates give you a professional and convenient structure to work with. Email Templates The email template feature allows you to pre-define your customer email and generate it based on factors like the order, customer, and discount information available. These email templates are easy to customize and will save you time by allowing you to create emails in a few clicks. Support Automation Time is money and the automation feature aims to save you both by streamlining your customer service process. Review automatically generated emails and customize them for some of your customers if necessary before pressing send. Order Value Capabilities With the order value capabilities feature, you can use any of the standard Shopify conditions or unique options. This is useful because it allows you to generate a discount as a percentage of the original order. Ease of Use The Order to Discount app has a simple and clear layout that's easy to navigate. Easily set and edit your discount parameters before incorporating it as a coupon into your email to your customer. The app also allows you to preview your email for any last quality checks before sending it. If you're uncertain about anything or need a refresher on the app's functions, a handy "How to Use the App?" button can give you immediate assistance. The Verdict: Is Order to Discount Worth It? Is your time valuable to you? Of course it is. Is good customer service a high priority for you? Without a doubt. So, yes, the app is definitely worth the cost when you weigh up the time you will save and the convenience you will experience as an e-commerce business owner who is serious about customer service. Order to Discount
Simple Sample Data Review—Test Data Solution for Shopify Dev Store
Shopify appsSimple Sample Data Review—Test Data Solution for Shopify Dev StoreGenerating sample data for your Shopify store is essential to ensure everything is running smoothly before launch. Without an extensive list of test data, your visitors could have a less-than-ideal experience. The more data you have to analyze the better, but generating large quantities of test data can be a long and tedious task when done manually. Even with Shopify's development store, you're limited to only using free or partnered apps, and you'll need to manually add each item and collection. Simple Sample Data is an app by Egnition that makes generating sample data as easy as a single click. The app can be used on both development stores and paid stores, where it will generate products with images, orders, customers, and smart and custom collections. ProsFree and paid versions availableSingle-click data generationCompatible with dev and paid storesOutstanding customer supportConsFree version only available for dev stores Pricing Simple Sample Data has only two pricing options: a free version and a single, paid version. Both plans include all the features of the app and are only limited by where you can use them. Free PlanPrice: FreeFeatures: Access to allStore type: Only dev storesPaid PlanPrice: $0.99 (once-off)Features: Access to allStore type: Dev and paid stores Customer Support Egnition is well known for their outstanding customer support, and have been praised time and time again. The Egnition team offers a 24/7 hour support channel, 365 days a year. To reach them you can simply make use of the dedicated support icon on each of their apps, or email them at [email protected] Egnition apps are constantly updated as the team takes note of customer responses and takes measures to improve quality, usability, and customer satisfaction. Who is Simple Sample Data Best for? Whether you're a website designer working on a new theme or store and need dummy data to run tests, or an app/theme developer who is tired of constantly manually importing CSV files into each new project, Simple Sample Data can help you: Add custom products and collectionsGenerate dummy ordersTest run your theme/app for issues before launchDelete test data with a single click Features Simple Sample Data was created to save developers and online store owners time by quickly and automatically generating test data for products, collections, and orders, thus saving time and effort. 3 Data Themes Three data themes that include images and full details are available to use which make development stores look and feel real. Clothing and brand products: Supports products with multiple variantsPaintings: Supports single product variantsToys and novelties: Supports single variant products. Streamlined Data Generation With a single click, Simple Sample Data will populate your store with test products, collections, and customers without the need to import CSV files manually. Once you're happy with your test, the data can be removed with another single click. Custom Options The app gives you full customization of the data that you wish to produce. You can choose to populate all the data, or simply generate customers, products and collections, or add orders. Furthermore, you can change the theme and customize your collections. Ease of Use Simple Sample Data is one of the easiest ways to generate test data for your online store. Because you don't need to upload CSV files, you will save valuable time. With a single click to generate or delete data, you don't need to be a developing expert to get the most out of this app. Although the app is relatively new, which limits the available reviews, Simple Sample Data still holds a 5-star rating on the Shopify app store. Bottom Line: Is Simple Sample Data Worth It? If you're an app or store developer, or simply test running a new theme or online store, manually adding sample data can burn through your valuable time. Simple Sample Data takes all this work and turns it into a single click, thus providing you with extensive sample data, with little to no effort. Available both on the Shopify development store and paid stores, this app is a no-brainer. Simple Sample Data
4 Best Shopify Apps to Sync Multiple Stores in 2023
Shopify apps4 Best Shopify Apps to Sync Multiple Stores in 2023Additional Shopify apps are a must-have for any store looking to add more features and optimize store management. Managing multiple Shopify stores is a challenging task and having some good apps by your side is essential for success. If your stores have many products, collections, orders, and inventory sources, you'll need a multi-store syncing app to keep everything organized. Because there are so many factors to consider when looking at your options, we have scoured the web and listed the four best apps that will help you sync your stores. You can manage all your stores in one dashboard with most of these apps, saving you valuable time and money. » How much should you spend of Shopify apps? Consider these factors when looking at Shopify app cost 1. Multi-Store Sync Power It can become challenging to keep track of each of your Shopify stores' inventory and products. Multi-Store Sync Power addresses this problem by enabling you to make changes in one store that are immediately reflected in all the other stores. Multi-Store Sync Power automatically syncs information between stores whenever a new order is placed or there is a change in the inventory. You can make modifications wherever you are thanks to two-way settings synchronization. A product or collection that you create in one store can quickly sync with other stores, even if they have different product pricing policies. Pros Real-time inventory syncOne-click changes to all storesCustom pricing models Cons Not the best for stores with only a few similar productsLittle customization on which settings are synced between storesThe exclusion list is a little difficult to use Multi-Store Sync Power is free for up to 25 synced products and costs from $5.99/month for under 100 products to $25.99/ for unlimited products. » Still unsure whether this app is for you? Read our full Multi-Store Sync Power review for a more in-depth analysis 2. Syncio Multi Store Sync Increasing a Shopify store's reach often adds more operational costs and time spent on administration in the backend. Syncio Multi Store Sync solves this issue by automating your store's backend operations using the power of synchronization. Syncio lets you sync inventory, products, orders, refunds, cancellations, and more across any or all of your Shopify stores. You can also route orders from partner and expansion stores straight back to your main store for fulfillment. In this way, suppliers can use Syncio to distribute their products to retailers without having to keep stock in limbo at multiple locations. Pros Easy and intuitive to useOrder forwarding is great for dropshippingFast servers with real-time 24/7 synchronization Cons Prices don't include all features (module add-ons)Cannot sync orders two-way ("backward")Not the best customer support Syncio Multi Store Sync costs from $19/month for under 100 synced products to $129/month for up to 10,000 synced products with optional module add-ons for more features. 3. Stock Sync Importing inventory from suppliers is tedious and time-consuming work. Stock Sync helps you with this process by automatically importing products and then synchronizing inventory based on set schedules. Integration is a breeze with Stock Sync's connection methods that work with channels such as Amazon S3, QuickBooks, eBay, Google Drive, Etsy, OneDrive, and more. The Stock Sync app family includes additional add-ons for order exporting, tracking information sync, and product stickers with barcoding. Pros Longstanding and well-rated appEasy product uploading and syncingPrice condition formula support Cons Not as many features as competitorsBug-prone (according to reviewers)Cumbersome interface Stock Sync has a free plan with limited features, while its premium packages cost $5, $10, and $49/month with varying limits. 4. SyncLogic If you're a wholesaler looking to connect your primary Shopify store to dropshippers, it's often difficult to keep pricing, descriptions, and images consistent across all their stores. SyncLogic connects one Shopify store with many others, sharing product information and inventory with all the stores in real time. SyncLogic's no-fuss solution does what it says it does and does it well. Sharing and syncing orders, products, and inventory is a breeze and includes all the necessary failsafes to protect your products from accidental deletion. Pros Smooth, hassle-free experienceDeletion protection to prevent accidentsQuick and helpful support Cons Limited featuresNo free optionEach synced store requires a subscription SyncLogic costs $19.99/month for each Shopify store with up to 10,000 products. Conclusion Whether you're a wholesaler looking to dropship to retailers or just a small business expanding into a new market, there's a Shopify app that will sync orders and products just the way you need it to. You no longer need to spend time manually checking orders and products but can focus your energy on boosting sales. » Do you need help with inventory management? Browse this list of the best Shopify apps to manage out-of-stock inventory
6 Top Shopify Apps to Manage Your Bestsellers
Shopify apps6 Top Shopify Apps to Manage Your BestsellersCorrectly managing your Shopify inventory can be the difference between a high ROI and slacking sales. The last thing you need is a best-selling product to end at the bottom of a catalog. This can be particularly frustrating if you aren't familiar with how to sort products in Shopify. Luckily there are a ton of Shopify apps that will help you. Let's look at the top 6 options below. » Should you sort your Shopify products? Discover the benefits of sorting by best-selling products 1. Bestsellers reSort The Bestsellers reSort plugin is a merchandising app by Egnition that allows users to organize their product catalogs to optimize ROI. As customers generally view a product catalog from the top down, it's important to strategically organize your product list. Bestsellers reSort will do this automatically and assist you in: Prioritizing best-selling and featured productsPromoting new products for a set timePromoting back-in-stock itemsOrdering products by tagsPushing out-of-stock products to the end of a collection Pros Numerous ways to sort Shopify collectionsIncludes a free-to-use planOutstanding customer serviceBoasts a 4.9-star customer rating on ShopifyExtensive pricing plan options Cons The free plan is only suited for small stores and is incredibly limited by the number of products in a collection. » Still unsure whether this app is for you? Read our full Bestellers reSort review for a more in-depth analysis 2. Best Seller Insights With only a few seconds to grab a customer's attention, it's important to have your best-selling products at the top of a collection. Moreover, it's invaluable to have access to metrics showing you how your best products are selling. The Best Seller Insights Shopify app allows you to do just that by: Providing customer trends via product reportsUsing social proof to motivate visitors to make more purchasesOffering customizable sales periods Pros Includes a 14-day free trialPaid plans include a 15-day free trialSimple to set up and useOutstanding tech support Cons The app is pricy for the offered featuresMetrics only show information on best-selling productsNo free option is available 3. Collection Sort With the use of data-driven insights, Collection Sort automates makes organizing Shopify products simple. It allows you to sort collections in 50 different ways such as defining product groups, pushing best sellers to the top, and sending out-of-stock items to the end of a collection. Additionally, Collection Sort allows you to gain valuable insights into your product sales by connecting with Google Analytics. Pros No impact on site speedIntegrates with Google AnalyticsMultiple pricing plansOffers yearly payment discounts Cons Customer support is questionableThe cheapest plan is limited to only 500 products 4. Power Tools Trending Products Power Tools Trending Products is an app feature provided by the Power Tools Suite plugin for Shopify. The app allows you to accurately sort your best-selling and new products, regardless of your sales volume. Power Tools Trending Products allows you to view detailed analytics on which products are selling best within a specified time while customizing collections for best sales. Pros Sales volume does not affect sorting accuracyIncludes 14-day free trialLow impact on website speedKnowledgeable tech support team Cons The entire Power Tool Suite needs to be installedOnly a single pricing option 5. Sortlytics Sortlytics helps optimize your sales and profits by organizing your product collections through a score-based analytics system. The insights Sortlytics gains allow it to sort your collections accordingly and thereby increase sales by moving your best-selling and most popular products to the top of a collection. Sortlytics allows you to: Sort your collection using data-driven insightsUse Google Analytics for enhanced product scoringReorganize best-sellers and out-of-stock products automatically Pros Uses AI-driven data to optimize salesIncludes 14-day free trial Cons Cannot be installed directly from the Shopify App store 6. Collection Page & Product Sort Collection Page & Product Sort is an advanced collection sorting app that allows you to display the best product at the correct time in order to boost sales and reduce non-moving stock. With Kimonix's Collection Page & Product Sort, you are able to: Sort collections with advanced analytics and personalizationBuild smart, multi-segment, automated collectionsBoost profits and enhance your merchandising by A/B testing Pros 14-day free trialMultiple pricing plansIntegrates with Google AnalyticsNo code is added to your theme Cons Lower plans are limited in how often they updatePrice plans are limited by sales volumeCheaper plans are extremely limited by the number of supported collections Conclusion Gathering the correct tools to manage your bestsellers will save you time and significantly increase your ROI when implemented into your sales strategy. Constantly reordering things such as collections is a waste of time, and at the end of the day, time is money. » Do you have multiple Shopify stores? Compare the best tools for managing multiple Shopify stores
Manage Your Shopify Store Like a Pro Using Egnition’s 3 Must-Have Apps
Shopify appsManage Your Shopify Store Like a Pro Using Egnition’s 3 Must-Have AppsAny online store that wants to maximize its potential and get the most out of Shopify should have third-party Shopify apps installed. Egnition is one of the leading third-party Shopify app developers with an average of 4.8 stars from hundreds of reviewers. When choosing the best Shopify apps for your store, why have only one when you can have three? That's why we've made a list of three of Egnition's must-have apps that will help boost your store's efficiency and drive more sales. » Looking for more apps to increase your store's functionality? Browse these recommended top apps for every Shopify store 1. Multi-Store Sync Power If you're an expanding business and use multiple Shopify stores to target different customers, it may be difficult for you to keep track of each store's stock and products. Multi-Store Sync Power solves this issue by synchronizing inventory and products between stores, letting you make changes in one store that show up in all the other stores. So, whenever there's a new order or another change in inventory, Multi-Store Sync Power automatically syncs this information between stores. This synchronization is two-way, letting you make changes from anywhere you want. If you create a product or collection in one store, it can sync instantly with other stores with custom product pricing rules. Key Features Automated inventory updatesEasy configurationCreate and update productsTwo-way syncCustom products pricing Pricing Multi-Store Sync Power is available with all features in the following plans: Bronze: Free for up to 25 productsSilver: $5.99/month for up to 100 productsGold: $10.99/month for up to 1,000 productsPlatinum: $15.99/month for up to 5,000 productsRhodium: $25.99/ month for over 5,000 products » Download Multi-Store Sync Power from Shopify 2. Out-of-Stock Police Have you ever run out of stock and lost sales as a result? Out-of-Stock Police is the perfect tool to help you keep track of inventory and proactively order products to avoid stockouts. Out-of-Stock Police does more than just manage out-of-stock inventory. The app lets you manage collections to push low-stock items to the bottom and even hide products so that customers can't see them. You can set low stock thresholds to let you know when a collection has reached a custom stock limit. Out-of-Stock Police also improves SEO by still showing out-of-stock products on Google and eventually hiding them completely if they've been out of stock for a while, reducing bounce rates. Key Features Custom low and out-of-stock notificationsTag and hide out-of-stock productsBoost organic traffic and SEOPush sold-outs to the bottomIn-depth inventory statistics Pricing Out-of-Stock Police is available with all features in the following plans: Bronze: Free for up to 49 products and 99 collectionsSilver: $4.99/month for up to 499 products and 99 collectionsGold: $9.99/month for up to 4,999 products and 99 collectionsPlatinum: $14.99/month for up to 9,999 products and 299 collectionsRhodium: $19.99/month between 10,000 to 24,999 products and 499 collectionsPalladium: $26.99/month for over 25,000 products and 500 collections » Download Out-of-Stock Police from Shopify 3. Bestsellers reSort Ever struggled to sort your large inventories and keep track of what's going on? As Shopify stores get larger and more profitable, they're often harder to manage. Bestsellers reSort saves you time and improves sales by giving you powerful tools to create automated sorting rules so you can organize your products in innumerable ways. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can sort by best-selling products, showing you which products need attention because they're the most profitable. New products can be sorted to the top of collections to test their performance. You can also analyze products depending on their revenue and sales. Product lists are organized by creation dates, views, tags, inventory numbers, featured status, and much more. Key Features No-limits configurationCustom sort ordersAutomated sorting rulesROI analysisComplete sorting control Pricing Bestsellers reSort is available with all features in the following plans: Bronze: Free for up to 49 products and 99 collectionsSilver: $6.99/month for up to 499 products and 99 collectionsGold: $12.99/month for up to 4,999 products and 99 collectionsPlatinum: $ 16.99/month for up to 9,999 products and 300 collectionsRhodium: $22.99/month for up to 24,999 products and 499 collectionsPalladium: $34.99/month for over 25,000 and 500 collections » Download Bestsellers reSort from Shopify Which Egnition App Is Best for Your Shopify Store? Choosing the best apps for your Shopify store isn't easy. If you're managing multiple stores, it's best to use the same apps across all your stores to keep the user experience consistent. And while one app is good, it's even better to have several that integrate well (if they're made by the same developer) so that you can access all the features you need for success. Conclusion Give your Shopify store the feature boost it needs. Egnition's Shopify apps will help you save time and money so that you can focus on building your business instead of wasting time on managing your store's backend manually. » Want to learn more? Visit Egnition's website for more app information
Multi-Store Sync Power
Shopify appsMulti-Store Sync PowerWhether you're a brand selling internationally, targeting different customer segments, running an online outlet, separating B2C and B2B channels, or dropshipping, managing multiple Shopify stores comes with a few challenges, particularly maintaining accurate inventory management. Multi-Store Sync Power by EGNITION is a brilliant Shopify app solving that problem by synchronizing inventory, products, and collections in real-time between multiple Shopify stores. Multi-Store Sync Power alleviates managing inventory for multiple Shopify stores through reliable real-time sync and easy-to-understand configuration. The app automatically updates the inventory across multiple stores after canceling, purchasing, or refunding orders. Key Features Real-Time Sync for All Linked Stores Multi-Store Sync Power automatically updates inventory in all linked stores whenever there is a new order, refund, or cancellation. This also allows you to effortlessly create and update products and product collections in all connected stores automatically. A considerable number of fields are supported, including product images. Create Custom Products Pricing Efficiently create a price rule used when creating/updating products. This is especially useful for different pricing structures between stores. Easy Configuration Sellers can connect Shopify stores using a unique key, ensuring that your SKUs or Barcodes are correct across different shops. This feature helps you find any unlinked products in your stores. Multi-Location Support You have the liberty and flexibility to sync inventory based on location instead of on the actual store. Pricing Multi-Store Sync Power offers five different pricing plans, all of which include a 7-day free trial. Bronze Plan Free Stores with 0-25 products (per connected store) Silver Plan $5.99 per month Stores with 26-100 products (per connected store) Gold Plan $10.99 per month Stores with 101-1,000 products (per connected store) Platinum Plan $15.99 per month Stores with 1,001-5,000 products (per connected store) Rhodium Plan $25.99 per month Stores with 5,000+ products (per connected store) In Conclusion The app enables you to save more time focusing on other aspects of running multiple stores, delivering revenue faster, and achieving better business goals. The combination of reliability, precision, automation, and real-time inventory updates makes Multi-Store Sync Power by EGNITION a compelling Shopify app. As for ratings, the app holds a 4.7-star rating on the Shopify app store. ​​To see if Multi-Store Sync Power is suitable for your shop, visit their website to learn more or head directly to their Shopify app store page.