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Syncee—Global Dropshipping Platform for Shopify Sellers
Shopify appsSyncee—Global Dropshipping Platform for Shopify SellersThe growing popularity of the dropshipping business model for Shopify sellers has been met with a growing supply of services designed to simplify the process. Syncee is one such service that links e-commerce sellers with various global and local suppliers through the Syncee marketplace. Read on to learn more about how this app can help your Shopify business. Highlight Features of Syncee—Global Dropshipping Millions of Products Syncee's easy-to-use marketplace lists over four million products from numerous vetted suppliers and wholesale companies. New and established stores can fill their site with listings in a few clicks. All products are guaranteed to have the best wholesale prices with award-winning quality that you can check for yourself as Syncee's transparency allows you to see all the important details of all the suppliers you use. Automated Order and Shipping Processes After the products are listed on your Shopify store, Syncee will auto-update your listings and handle everything from customer orders to fast and reliable global shipping. Payments are handed directly to the suppliers through PayPal, credit card, or Stripe. Upload Private Suppliers If your suppliers aren't listed on Syncee's marketplace, then you have the ability to add any supplier's products into your store by uploading their datafeed file in one of numerous file formats. Custom Dynamic Pricing Syncee's app allows you to customize your pricing to match your store's identity and customer base. Syncee Pricing All of Syncee's pricing plans offer the essential services of a dropshipping platform, while the more expensive plans offer more product listings for your store, ensuring that you only have to pay for premium listings when your business scales appropriately. All plans—even the free option—offer the following features: No transaction feesAutomated ordersBulk product managementDynamic pricing settingsDaily updatesNo transaction feeFree support Aside from this, here's what you can expect from the different plans: Free Plan 25 products Basic Plan ($29/month) 500 products Pro Plan ($79/month) 10,000 products Business Plan ($129/month) 30,000 products Our Verdict: Should You Use Syncee? Whether you are an experienced e-commerce merchant or a new Shopify seller, the necessity of an expert B2B dropshipping service cannot be overstated. Instead of wasting time browsing through the multitude of available services on the Shopify app store, rather choose a service like Syncee that can handle all the difficulties associated with the dropshipping business model at scalable prices to match your business. If there's any doubt left in your mind, then let other Shopify sellers ease your worry. Syncee has received hundreds of reviews on the Shopify app store and has come out with an overall rating of 4.7 stars. Visit their website to learn more or head straight to their Shopify app store page to begin.
Traffic Boost: Word-Of-Mouth Marketing
Shopify appsTraffic Boost: Word-Of-Mouth MarketingWord of mouth is one of the most effective marketing techniques that businesses can utilize. Potential customers are far more likely to purchase something if one of their peers has purchased the same product and validated its quality. This is exactly the kind of benefit you can achieve when you use a service like Traffic Boost by BERMUDAPPS. This handy app can help you leverage your customers to do your social proofing for you by offering them incentives to share what they bought through social media, saving money on ad spending and boosting your conversions at the same time! Traffic Boost Highlight Features Automated Requests The app will automatically send marketing request emails with discount codes to customers once they complete purchases on your store, meaning that you never have to lift a finger after the setup. Customizable Pages The "thank you" and "discount" pages sent to your customers are totally customizable to fit your brand's personality and voice. Save Money on Ad Spending Why waste money on social media ads when your customers can do it for you for less cost and greater effectiveness? Customers can share your product through direct messages, Facebook stories, and everything in between. Seamless Installation and Integration With all the parameters pre-filled and easily modifiable, you can have the service up and running on your Shopify store minutes after the one-click installation. Traffic Boost Pricing All the paid plans come with a 14-day free trial, allowing you to test the service before committing. Free Plan This is a test plan that lets you get a feel for the service without paying for it first. It offers the following features: Customizable "thank you" and "discount" pagesCustomizable post-purchase emailsConversion stats and tracking24h chat support Starter Plan $3.99/month This plan offers all the features of the Free Plan, as well as: 1-50 orders after the free trialLive chat support Advanced Plan $9.99/month This plan offers all the features of the previous plans, as well as: Up to 200 monthly store orders Pro Plan This plan offers all the features of the previous plans, as well as: Up to 1,000 monthly store orders Our Verdict: Should You Use Traffic Boost? Utilizing the most effective marketing technique without having to lift a finger is a no-brainer, and this is exactly what you'll get when you use Traffic Boost by BERMUDAPPS. Doing so will save you time, effort, and money while boosting your conversions and customer loyalty. It's no surprise that, at the time of writing this review, the app has maintained a solid 5-star rating on the Shopify app store. If you'd like to learn more, visit their website or head directly to their listing on the Shopify app store.
WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart—Boost Revenue Through WhatsApp
Shopify appsWhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart—Boost Revenue Through WhatsAppAbandoned carts are one of the biggest causes of lost revenue to e-commerce sellers. While the products aren't necessarily gone, having them stuck in customer carts can impact your listed stock and prevent other willing customers from purchasing them. Not all carts are abandoned on purpose, as some customers will find themselves leaving your store to fulfill duties and then simply forgetting about their held items. Sometimes, they can be persuaded to return and finish their purchase. But why waste time figuring out which customers to target when an app like WATI's WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart can do this for you? Read on to learn more. Highlight Features of WATI's WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart Automatic Cart Abandonment Notifications WATI's app will automatically contact customers with abandoned carts to let them know that their purchases are outstanding and even provide a useful link directly to the checkout window. You can even persuade customers to return with custom discount codes. Automated Chatbot and Order-Related Message Builder Use simple flow diagrams to automate a chatbot based on keywords in multiple languages that your customers may ask. You can also send automated order-related messages to your customers to keep them in the loop and satisfied, without any coding experience required. Official WhatsApp API Partner Since WATI is an official API partner, you can expect the following features as a bonus: WhatsApp green tick of authenticity for your businessSuper affordable WhatsApp message pricingDedicated WhatsApp API-approved number with your business details Shared Multi-Agent Inbox and Analytics Reports Reply to your customers from a shared inbox, giving customers the opportunity to reply to the same number they first contacted. Additionally, see reports of all incoming messages, agent response times, agent performance, conversation status, and more to judge the performance of different services accordingly. Pricing The only available pricing plan is $4.99/month and offers a free trial, but using this app requires a subscription to WATI services, which ranges from $49/month to $98/month. View their website pricing to learn more. Final Verdict: Should You Use WATI's WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart? Reducing cart abandonment rates on your e-commerce store can be a highly effective way of boosting your revenue and keeping your customers happy. However, the fact that WATI's service automates this process for you on top of a WhatsApp chatbot, a WhatsApp-partnered green tick verification and affordable message services, analytics reports, and more makes it a necessity for your Shopify store. It's no wonder that the app has maintained a solid 4.5-star rating on the Shopify app store. Visit their app store page or head directly to the WATI website to learn more.
Starstream—Automatic Event Ticketing for Shopify Sellers
Shopify appsStarstream—Automatic Event Ticketing for Shopify SellersManaging tickets to online events can be incredibly exhausting and confusing, especially as your Shopify store grows. Selling tickets to online webinars and livestreams always runs the risks of cross-sharing, users struggling to access the event, and more. Instead of struggling with managing your event tickets yourself, consider letting an automated service like Starstream by Livestream Labs handle it for you. Read on to learn more. Why You Should Use Starstream Aside from automatically handling the distribution of tickets to your online and physical events, Starstream can also offer you the following features: Reduced Cross-Sharing Chances Starstream will generate a secret link for your customers 24 hours before the event begins and control their access, which is a proven strategy for reducing the amount of unpaying customers attending your events. Compatibility With All Major Livestreaming Platforms You'll never have to worry about a platform not working for your event. Starstream is compatible with streaming services like YouTube and Facebook (among others) as well as webinar services like Zoom. Customized Ticket Capabilities The app will let you customize the look of your online and physical tickets to match your brand identity. QR Codes for Physical Events Even if you hold physical events, Starstream can automate the process with unique QR codes for each customer that you can validate and authorize with Starstream's built-in QR code scanner. Calendar Updates Not only can customers add your online and physical events to their event calendars on Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more, but they will also receive updates about your event to ensure that they don't miss it. Event Replays Paying customers will have the option to receive replays of the events that they attended so that no information is lost along the way. Pricing Starstream is free to install and integrate into your Shopify store and comes with no additional monthly costs. Instead, Starstream will charge you a usage fee of $0.99 per ticket under $20, and $1.99 per ticket over $20. This ensures that you won't have to pay unnecessary fees if customers don't purchase enough tickets. Our Verdict: Should You Use Starstream? If your business ever holds events—both online and in-person—then an automatic ticketing service like Starstream by Livestream Labs is a necessity. Even if you only hold a single event per month—or fewer—Starstream won't charge you unless there are tickets being sold, and so there's really no harm in having it installed and ready to automate the ticket process so that you never have to worry. If you'd like to learn more, head to their Shopify store page to begin.
Cloudprinter: Printing & Shipping on Demand for E-Commerce Sellers
Shopify appsCloudprinter: Printing & Shipping on Demand for E-Commerce SellersWarehousing and fulfillment are two major problems faced by Shopify merchants with global audiences. And with the growing popularity of the dropshipping business model, more and more companies are popping up to try and simplify the process. One of these services is Cloudprinter, a print-on-demand service that can handle rapid fulfillment to a global customer base and take the stress of warehousing out of your hands. Read on to find out more. How Cloudprinter Can Benefit Your Shopify Store Numerous Product Templates Without Warehousing Cloudprinter has over 5,000 product templates that are ready to go for all your products and bearing your personal brand and style. Simply add the products to your store and Cloudprinter's print-on-demand services will handle the order manufacturing and fulfillment for you. Dynamic Product Files If the product templates don't interest you, then you have the ability to upload dynamic PDF files to print your customized products. Automated Global Fulfillment Cloudprinter has the largest print network with over 170 printing facilities in 104 countries that can complete and fulfill customer orders at a rapid pace—within 5 days in most cases. Additionally, choose from four different shipping options, depending on your company and budget. Reduced Carbon Footprint Localized printing services can greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions accrued by the US- or China-based warehousing and global shipping, which can improve your business's carbon footprint and save costs. Live Order Updates Always be up to date with the current status of your orders, both removing some of the stress off your shoulders and keeping your customers happy. Pricing The Cloudprinter app is free to install for your Shopify store and carries no monthly cost, though you will incur a small fee to each fulfilled order, ensuring that you don't pay for anything unless your products are selling! For more info about these fees, visit their pricing page. Our Verdict: Should You Use Cloudprinter? Order fulfillment and warehousing are two of the most crucial aspects of every e-commerce business, and one of the biggest challenges that new Shopify sellers have to overcome. Instead of sourcing suitable storage facilities and finding a way to ship your products to your customers—both of which can be extremely costly and time-consuming—rather let a handy print-on-demand platform like Cloudprinter automate these processes for you. At the time of writing this review, the app is vetted by Shopify sellers with a solid 5-star rating on the Shopify app store. If you'd like to get started, visit Cloudprinter's website or head directly to their Shopify page.
Loadify—Boosted Load Speeds and Customized Navigation for Shopify Stores
Shopify appsLoadify—Boosted Load Speeds and Customized Navigation for Shopify StoresStore design is a crucial aspect of building an online Shopify store. If your pages are unappealing, difficult to navigate, or take too long to load, it's almost guaranteed to chase potential customers away and severely hurt your sales. And if you don't have coding experience and hours to spare, it's almost impossible to achieve a well-optimized website. Thankfully, with an intuitive app like Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode by Ninety9, you can achieve a custom and optimized store design without any coding experience. Read on to learn more. What Does Loadify Offer? Boosted Loading Speeds There are two different ways that Loadify can improve the loading time of your pages. Firstly, Lazyload is a website feature that prevents images and other content from loading on your page until the user scrolls to that point, limiting the resources used at any given moment. Secondly, Loadify's link prediction feature will start loading content the moment a user hovers over a link with their cursor to prepare the next page for when they click it. Animated Logos and Page Transitions Instead of scrolling endlessly through copy, Loadify offers your customers the ability to navigate your store through different page transitions that you can customize to match the style of your brand. Additionally, animate your static logo to be more eye-catching to the customer, or include one of the many available pre-selected GIFs. Numerous Integrations Without Coding Customizing and optimizing your store is as easy as choosing features from a drop-down menu and tweaking their appearance—no coding required. To make your life easier, the app even integrates with all Shopify themes, as well as numerous other store design and marketing apps. Pricing Loadify offers a 14-day free trial for all their paid plans, as well as a totally free option that includes the necessary features like 15 optimized GIFs, compatibility with all Shopify themes, and even chat support if you need help. Other than that, here's what Ninety9 offers: TurboMode $2.99/month This plan includes: Link predictionsLazyload Page Transitions $3.99/month This plan includes: Numerous slide optionsBGR color & directionFour different transition typesAnimated sounds on clickable links Custom Preloader $4.99/month This plan includes: Static logo animationsCustom size, color, and fade-out speedsCustom upload options Our Verdict: Should You Use Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode by Ninety9? Whether your store is struggling with poor loading times or unexplained bounce rates, or even if you simply want that extra boost to personalization through aesthetic animations and page transitions, you can't go wrong with an app like Loadify by Ninety9. Over a hundred other Shopify sellers have installed this app onto their store and given it a solid rating of 4.8 stars. Visit their website to learn more, or head straight over to their Shopify app store page to install the app now.
Core Web Vitals Booster—Improved SEO and Page Speed for Shopify Sellers
Shopify appsCore Web Vitals Booster—Improved SEO and Page Speed for Shopify SellersThere are many different aspects that contribute to a website's overall quality of SEO. Improving your Google discoverability takes more than just high-performing keywords placed in strategic places, and one of these factors is your site's page speed. Websites and pages that are unoptimized and have slow load times will be flagged by the Google Search Console, lowering your authority and making it less likely for potential customers to discover your store. Thankfully, with the multitude of Shopify stores currently available, you can improve your site's load speed without having detailed knowledge and experience in coding. If you'd like to start taking steps to improve your site's load speed, look no further than Core Web Vitals Booster, a Shopify app developed by Speedien. Read on to learn more about how this app can help you. How Core Web Vitals Booster Can Improve Your Shopify Store's SEO Most Shopify sellers improve their loading speeds by optimizing the size of their images—or other similar tactics—without realizing the negative impact of having multiple different Shopify apps interfering with your store's code and slowing the process down. Although Speedien's app does optimize your images and backend code, where Core Web Vitals Booster really excels is in deferring 3rd-party scripts and apps from activating until they are required, letting Google load the important stuff first. It works with all the most commonly used apps and even provides daily speed reports to allow you complete monitoring control. Finally, cloud-based caching allows for speedy implementation of your frontend code. Core Web Vitals Booster Pricing Speedien's app only offers one pricing plan at $9/month but allows a 7-day free trial to try out the service before committing to any money. This ensures that you get all the features and 24/7 customer support you need without having to spend a fortune on premium pricing plans. Our Verdict: Should You Use Core Web Vitals Booster? Not only can poor page speed hurt your Google rankings and discoverability, but it is also sure to annoy and chase away potential customers. And while optimizing your images or preloading pages can speed your site up, it won't help you get around the inevitable lag that comes with accumulating necessary apps. Instead of spending time and effort trying to code your way out of a bogged-down store, rather let an efficient service like Core Web Vitals Booster by Speedien do the work for you. If you're still in doubt, other Shopify sellers have given the app a 4.3-star rating (at the time of writing this review) on the Shopify app store. Visit their site to learn more, or head straight to their app store page to get started.
Smart Mega Menu & Navigation—Enhance Customer Experience With Optimized Store Design
Shopify appsSmart Mega Menu & Navigation—Enhance Customer Experience With Optimized Store DesignHaving a streamlined and aesthetic store is a necessity for any Shopify merchant looking to compete with the numerous other Shopify stores already out there. One of the ways that this can be achieved is with a customized, multi-tiered menu for easy navigation and controlled product promotions. Thankfully, achieving this for your Shopify store doesn't have to take prior coding knowledge or experience if you use an app like Smart Mega Menu & Navigation by Qikify. Read on to learn more. Key Features of Smart Mega Menu & Navigation Completely Customized Menu Design The app lets you customize the width, colors, font, background images, and more to match the style of your brand. Additionally, you have the option to create optimized menus for desktop and mobile customers. Numerous Ways to Build Your Menu Decide whether you want your products, collections, pages, or even custom links to appear in your menu. Paid plans also offer the ability to add contact forms, Google maps info, and custom HTML to your menus. No Coding Required Menus can be designed and created with the simple drag-and-drop widgets without having any knowledge of or experience in coding. Promote Your Deals and Offers Eye-catching badges and labels can be used to draw the customer's attention to your ongoing sales and special offers. Smart Mega Menu & Navigation Pricing Qikify offers a free plan and 7-day free trial for their paid plans, allowing you to try the service out before committing to spending your money. Free Plan This plan offers all the key features that you'd need to build an intuitive menu with unlimited items and total customization to match your brand. Basic Plan $3.99 billed monthly or $3.19/month billed yearly for $38.27 This plan offers everything in the free plan, as well as: Removed watermarkAnimated menus Premium Plan $7.99 billed monthly or $6.39/month billed yearly for $76.70 This plan offers everything in the previous plans, as well as: BadgesCustom HTMLGoogle mapsContact formTabs menuMasonry grid Our Verdict: Should You Use Smart Mega Menu & Navigation by Qikify? With so many stores to compete against, having an easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing Shopify store is a necessity, but achieving such a store can take hours of complex coding that most Shopify sellers are unable to do. That's why an affordable product like those offered by Qikify that can do the heavy lifting for you is a must-have. But don't just take our word for it. Hundreds of other Shopify sellers have tried it out and given it an overall rating of 4.8 stars on the Shopify app store. Visit their site to learn more or head directly to their listing on the Shopify app store to begin.
Sync2Fashion—Dropshipping Service for Luxury Fashion Apparel
Shopify appsSync2Fashion—Dropshipping Service for Luxury Fashion ApparelIf you're into the fashion world and thinking of starting up an e-commerce store, then you'll need access to the best suppliers and luxury clothing brands to compete against other similar stores. Look no further than Sync2Fashion by B2B GRIFFATI, a dropshipping service that can provide e-commerce store owners with numerous clothing brands at the best possible prices. Read on to learn more. What Does Sync2Fashion Offer? Customize Your Store With an Updating Catalogue B2B GRIFFATI's catalog of available products is constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends, so your store will never fail to be trendy. Choose from many of the most well-known brands, including Ralph Lauren, Armani Jeans, Michael Kors, Levi's, Calvin Klein, and more. Additionally, decide which products you want to sell on your store, filtering by everything from brand, category, color, gender, and even season! Fast Fulfillment Without Warehousing The dropshipping business model allows e-commerce merchants to keep items on their store without having to pay for warehousing costs. B2B GRIFFATI's warehouses will keep your listed products in stock and ship to customers in over 180 countries with reputable services like UPS and DHL so that you never have to worry about losing stock or storage costs. Furthermore, the automatic stock synchronization feature will prevent you from suffering stock errors for unavailable products. Wholesale Pricing for Elevated Profit Margins List luxury products on your store with discounts of up to 75% to ensure that you receive the highest profit margins available. Sync2Fashion will also automatically configure prices by adhering to general markup rules. Automatic Order Forwarding Once customers complete an order on your store, it will automatically be forwarded to B2B GRIFFATI's warehouses while also allowing you to keep your customers updated on the status of their order. Sync2Fashion Pricing Sync2Fashion offers a 1-day free trial to ensure that you like the service and can become comfortable with the software before paying. Additionally, they only have one pricing plan of $190/month (aside from shipping costs) that will give you access to all their amazing features and up to 5,000 products listed on your store. Our Verdict: Should You Use Sync2Fashion? Running a dropshipping fashion store is a difficult endeavor at the best of times. With having to maintain the latest items from the best suppliers while also worrying about order fulfillment and warehousing, it's essential to find a great dropshipping service to do the difficult work for you so that you can focus on growing your brand. Instead of wasting time reading hundreds of reviews of different services, go with a trusted company that has a 5-star Shopify app store rating like B2B GRIFFATI's Sync2Fashion. Visit their website to learn more and install the app onto one of the major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce.